Testimonials for Sue and Ross Meyers
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Divorce Centers is an excellent organization. They are responsive, helpful, patient, reasonably priced; all of the things you need to help you through the paperwork required to get divorced. They do not provide legal advice or mediation. The valuable service they provide is getting all of your forms filed correctly with the county court system. There is a great book by Ed Sherman called “How to do your own divorce in California”. It is very useful if you are getting divorced “amicably” and don’t need to retain attorneys for your divorce. Divorce Centers handles the administrative work for you. You can do it yourself, but with my packed schedule and no spare time, I found it extremely worthwhile to use their services for the divorce paperwork. They know what to file, when etc. They did my paperwork and remained helpful and patient through many phone calls and requests. I was impressed throughout the process at their great service.
— R. Roemer
I was referred to Ross Meyers by an attorney I met in Hayward. I was trying to get a divorce and do it on my own since my ex was not participating and it was difficult. I went to Ross, he was professional, kind, and efficient and reasonable. I’m sure I saved a bundle of money thanks to Ross and Sue. Huge shout out and thank you! I hope I don’t need you again :)
— Kenny P.
Ross and Sue saved my life. I was cheated by the last company I hired. They were upfront with the cost, my options and the time frame. I can’t say enough good things about them. If you have a simple, no fault divorce, give them a call.
— Rene L.
Wow! Ross and Sue were amazing. I felt utterly confused when I began looking into getting divorced, then I made an appointment with Divorce Center in San Mateo. Ross and Sue showed a lot of empathy, and explained everything to me in simple terms. Throughout the process, Ross and Sue sent me many updates. Whenever I had a question, they responded immediately. My divorce was final exactly six months after I walked into their office. If you have an uncontested divorce, even with kids, I would highly recommend the services of Ross and Sue Meyer. They were excellent! I’m just amazed at how easy they made it for me.
— Karen W.
I am a family law attorney who works down the hall from Divorce Centers. I have heard one of our Family Law judges say how good their paperwork always is. If you have an uncontested case with limited assets and debts, Divorce centers paralegals can handle your case more cost efficiently than lawyers.
— Nancy D.
To minimize the legal hassles of the divorce process, get in touch with Divorce Centers. These guys have been in the business longer than the other paralegal outfits, are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and are more affordable than most. I am extremely grateful for the service in obtaining a judgment, and even more grateful for not having to spend any additional time at the courthouse.
— Budnose
Ross and Sue.
I can stress how wonderful was to have your assistance and help during my divorce; all I can say is your services were excellent. I was able to get the divorce process going sooner than I thought; everything went smooth, fast and without any delays or unforeseen obstacles. Both, Ross and Sue are well versed in their field and get the job done without hesitation. Their office is strategically located in downtown San Mateo. I would definitely recommend them.
— W. H.